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RCAF 6 Group
Bomber Command

CFS2 - Utilities

Canadian Nationality add-on
Here's a program that adds the Canadian Nationality to CFS2 mission and campaign files. Now you can design and fly missions as Canadian. If you have previously installed the add-on In defense of Australia, there is an alternate Country CFG file to use. This was graciously donated to us by Rick Rutherford aka. _421RCAF_Gunner.
CFO Weather for CFS2
Here's a link to Bill Potvin excellent CFS Operations site where you will find CFO Weather for CFS 2. It really adds a great dimension to Multiplay missions.
Aleutian Island Maps - (
A set of three maps of the Aleutian Islands Campaign area. Close ups of the Cold Harbor, Adak and Kiska areas. Maps also show coordinates and ADF for each base. Thanks to Lucky for putting these together.
European Runways For CFS2 ~ Mk. II: This is an authorized update of Mathias Pommerien's classic runway set for CFS2 which now includes NDB entries and "fuel anywhere" for all 66 runways.
By our own _417RCAF_Gunner aka Rick Rutherford.
Ground Troops For CFS2 by Nibbio: These American and a Japanese ground troops move, shoot and scream when wounded or killed.
CFS2 Sound Selector
CFS2 Sound Selector allows you to select which sound (Piston, Jet or Helicopter) that you here as aircraft fly around you instead of just the default Piston Aircraft sounds.
CFS2 Basic Navigational Gauges
Complete Package (8 gauges)

1. bendix_king.adf.slaved.gau
2. Cfo_Gauges.gau
3. cfs2euro_gps.gau
4. CFS2GPS.gau
5. CFSGPS.gau
6. prop2ERKadf.gau
7. prop2ERKnav1.gau
8. propils.gau