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RCAF 6 Group
Bomber Command

Combat Flight Simulator:  WWII Europe Series
Combat Flight Simulator 2: WWII Pacific Theater
Combat Flight Simulator 3: Battle For Europe

General Utilities

Chain Home radar station at Bawdsey Manor

Multiplayer Session Control for CFS1 or CFS2.
Select Mission swap, Allegence. Select Ships and Objects DP's (allegence). Sets COLLISION_SEC = 0 checkbox which can allow fewer mid air collisions. IP display. Use restore button to restore your back to default setting. Produced by: RCAF_Gunsjammed & RAF_Mshine
Required Communications program is used by 6th group members frequently. Link is at left.
Roger Wilco
Online Communications Program. Click the link on the left.
RAF662 ADF and Clock Programs
These programs allow you to change the time in multiplay and track ADF/NDB signals for navigation. RAF Nello.
EndItAll lets you terminate all non-essential programs for the purpose of giving you a better connection during multiplay sessions. All 6th group members should use this program to get the best connection possible.
Automated Login For FlightSim.Com
A simple HTML file to automate your login to FlightSim.Com. Just edit the file as described in ReadMe.txt. Particularly useful for when the system is busy. By Andy Taylor.
UTC Clock
Very small digital clock program that will display local time, Zulu time, or both. Created by Tobey Unruh.
Convert Times Across Different Time Zones
This application converts time from one time zone to another. Taking in account DST and displays information about the different Time Zones. By Arkadiy Olovyannikov

World Clock 2001
An easy to use world time utility that displays the date/time for up to 12 cities around the world. Simply select the cities you want from the list of 1,300 cities in 193 countries.